The word PIFRA stands for the project to improve financial reporting and auditing. It is an initiative taken by the Pakistan Audit Department, Ministry of Finance, and Provincial Finance departments. This initiative was taken by the government to provide a more efficient and accessible way to provide government employees with their salary payslips.

If you are waiting for your monthly PIFRA payslip then salary slip for the month of August 2020 is available for all government employees. Download your earnings slip right now or submit an online registration form on and check your monthly salary slip online via email inbox.

All of the above-mentioned government bodies formed an alliance to form PEFRA to run the monetary work of the different departments of the government smoothly. Sending payslips to hundreds of thousands of government employees was always a taxing task and it required a lot of manpower itself to manage. But it was not that efficient. So PIFRA was formed to handle these matters digitally.

If you are a government official, then PIFRA provides you the ease of access to your monthly payslip. Initially what would happen is that the distribution of salaries of the government employees was not that efficient and it had a lot of room for corruption and foul play. But now that PIFRA does everything digitally, the distribution of salary slips to the government employees is easier than ever. With the use of technology, this process has become easy and accurate.

To accomplish all of the aforementioned goals, this organization gets allocated a massive budget of about 5.3 Billion Pakistani rupees which roughly translates to about 33 Million dollars.

Some Basic Information About PIFRA

As we have discussed earlier, initially the distribution of salaries among the government employee lacked professionalism, accuracy, and transparency. But now with the system introduced by PIFRA, it has sort of achieved accuracy and transparency that the process of distribution of payslips lacked earlier. This department has four main functional units

  1. FABS
  2. Capacity building Auditors General office
  3. Capacity building of Controller General of Account’s Office
  4. Project management.

All of these components of PIFRA help it to manage all of its objectives as transparently and as precisely as possible. Following are the objectives of PIFRA

  • The building of a stronger Financial management system
  • Transparency and reliability of the financial records
  • Upgrading the audit system to meet the current international standards
  • Make the process more accurate and uniform

PIFRA payslip

If you are new to the system and want to know about the PIFRA payslip, then you are absolutely in the right place. We will guide you about every single aspect of how you can get PIFRA payslip online and how you can register to get the online salary slip. So do not go anywhere as we are covering up everything. In case of any query, you may ask in the comment section or read the FAQs we have written below in the article.

The system is new so of course, we know that there are many people who do not know about PIFRA salary slip. But there is no shame in not knowing anything. We will guide you about it. Payslip is a recorded statement that is issued by the employer, which in this case is the government of Pakistan, to the employee, which is you. This recorded statement is very important as it contains all the important information about your salary and to get this is the responsibility of the employee. In the past, this process was really time-consuming and had a lot of hurdles. There were also a lot of mistakes done. You would have to go through a lot of people and get their signatures.

But not now as PIFRA has made it really easy for you to get this PFIRA payslip. You won’t have to get worried about your information being leaked because of the involvement of the middle man or you won’t have to pay bribes just because the other person is asking for it. All the process is now digitalized. Yes, you will have to carefully go through a process of registration but once it’s done, you will not have to wait in long lines and you will not have to waste your useful time to get your salary slip. PIFRA will take care of everything and will send you your salary slip through an EMAIL.

In this era of technology, everything is being digitalized. Fortunately, in Pakistan, the whole procedure of getting your payslip has been digitalized by PIFRA. Technology is the way to go now. You might be thinking that everything has been going right and the old procedure is working fine for you. But not in these coronavirus days right? All you have to do is get registered into PIFRA and PIFRA will send your salary slip through EMAIL. You will not even have to get out of your home. Everything is just a single click away from you.

Check PIFRA salary slip online

As we have mentioned before, the system of the world is changing. We are now moving from paper to computer. We are not using technology in every aspect of our life. Technology has been making our lives easier and that is why we are incorporating it everywhere. We are now using machines to manufacture cars and we are now using the AI to get through a lot of work that used to require a lot of time.

That is why PIFRA was established. It has made the whole process of checking your payslip online and has made it accurate and transparent. it has definitely made the lives of a regular government employee a lot easier. Now you will not have to stand in long lines. Whether it is the cold of winter or the hot days of summer. All you have to do is log in to your email and you will get your PIFRA payslip there. But this will happen if you are already registered with PIFRA. If you are not registered, then quickly follow the instructions we are going to give you and you will get registered. The whole process is easy. So just give us about 10 minutes of your time and read this article carefully.

PIFRA PaySlip Registration

We have told you all about PIFRA and the advantages of getting your salary slip online through PIFRA. But the first thing you have to do is get registered with PIFRA online. We will guide you about every single detail that you want to know about the PIFRA registration form for Payslip. Don’t worry at all. All you have to do is read the instructions we provide you in this article and you will be fine.

PIFRA PaySlip Registration

Getting registered in PIFRA is not a problem at all. Just like when you get registered in any other government program and you provide some of your information beforehand, you will also need this information before you start filling the online registration form for the PIFRA salary slip. Following bullet points contain the information that you must provide in PIFRA website

  1. The full name that you have on the NIC
  2. Your full CNIC
  3. Cell phone number
  4. Date of birth
  5. Email address where you will get your PIFRA salary slip
  6. Government CODE
  7. Your government level scale
  8. Your province
  9. Last but not the least, you must be a government employee in any of the government departments.

The whole process is a piece of cake. You do not have to get anxious at all.

All you have to do is go the PIFRA website which initially was but now the website has been shifted to a new domain name which is You can also get the registration form from

PIFRA online registration form

As we have mentioned before, you will get you PFIRA online registration form from the following websites

Then there is a simple process that you will have to go through. After that, you will be registered with PIFRA and you will get the online payslip from PIFRA.

IF you are registered with PIFRA then you will get the following perks

  • You won’t have to physically go to the office to get your salary slip.
  • You will get an email of your salary slip
  • All you have to do is to check your inbox monthly
  • If it’s not in your inbox, then don’t worry, it might be in the spam folder because that happens too. But do not worry, its anything to worry about.
  • If your slip is missing for the month then you MUST contact PIFRA and ask for the slip.

How to fill PIFRA online registration form

Now we are going to tell you about the process. This part of the article is really important. So read it carefully. Now for the sake of convenience, there are some codes assigned to the provinces and areas. You must use these codes while you are filling your online registration form for the PIFRA payslip.

The following table will show you the codes, which are designation according to the area.

  1. First, you have to visit the website links we have provided you  and then you will have to get to the online registration form
  2. The registration form might be in the SERVICES tab on the website’s main page or you may go directly to PaySlip Registration
  3. Now, you have to enter your credentials in the form as we have mentioned above
  4.  You have to enter the province code as provided in the table.
  5. After that enter the employee number that has been allotted to you by the government of Pakistan or the provincial government.
  6. Then enter the CNIC
  7. After this, you must enter your Date of birth in the format of DD/MM/YYYY
  8. Then, enter your cell phone number

Sign up

The next step is to sign up. For signing up you must hit the SIGN-UP button. Then you will have to enter your GMAIL twice. The second time is for the confirmation. After hitting up the SUBMIT button you will successfully be registered with PIFRA and you will get your salary slip online monthly in your GMAIL inbox.

If you want to confirm that you have successfully registered through PIFRA then go to the credentials part and try signing up again, if it shows that this user has already signed up then you are good to go. Otherwise, enter the correct credentials again and then sign up.


There are somethings that you need to know about the registration process. First of all, you must use GMAIL accounts as the website is only compatible with Gmail. If you want to sign up using Yahoo then you will have to wait. You also must enter your new CNIC number as the OLD NIC number is not going to work.

How to check PIFRA payslip online?

Now that you have registered through PIFRA, you will get your salary slips online. This step has made your life very easy now. You will not have to wait in long lines. All you have to do is follow the following procedure if you want to know how to check the payslip online.

  • Each month as you get your salary, your PIFRA payslip automatically gets sent to your GMAIL ID.
  • Log in to the Gmail account with which you have made the PIFRA account
  • Check your inbox, the salary slip will be there.
  • If it is not there, then you must check the spam section
  • In case you haven’t gotten your EMAIL then you must call at PIFRA by dialing the number +92- 51-9107248

IF you are a government employee, whether you are a teacher or you are working for any of the provincial governments, you can use this PIFRA service to get your payslip.

Check PIFRA bill status online

If you are a government contractor, then you cannot complete the project without the PIFRA bill. It is basically an allowance request to the government. You can request PIFRA for the bill online. And then you can check the status via the online system or through text messages

If you want to use the online system, then simply go to the website and check the bill status. If you want to get it via text message, then text your token number, government code, and district code to 0514710910.

PIFRA DDO Budget expenditure

The term DDO stands for Drawing and Distributing Officers. Using the PIFRA DDO budget expenditure, the employee can get information about all the allowances that he or she is getting. It manages them. This system from PIFRA manages Army allowances, Doctor allowances, Teacher allowances, etc. you get the information about all the taxes that you have to pay and it helps you to manage the allowances. It takes 5 million PKR to handle all the matters so you can see that PIFRA is spending some serious money to facilitate the employees

Facilities provided by PIFRA

As you have already guessed from this article that PIFRA is doing a lot for a government employee. The following are some of the highlights of the services that it is providing.

  • Checking of pension slip online
  • PIFRA salary slip online checking
  • It gives your full summary of your Bill report
  • It gives PIFRA vendor information
  • PIFRA gives you DDO budget statement as well
  • Tracking of bill claims


The following are some of the frequently asked questions that we have included here for your facility. We hope it would be better for you. Try to answer other questions people have in the comment section below or post other queries that you may have

What does PIFRA mean?

The word PIFRA stands for the project to improve financial reporting and auditing. It’s a service that provides you information about your payslip.

How can I check my PIFRA payslip online?

You will get your monthly payslip online in your email that is associated with your PIFRA account.

What is the PIFRA salary slip?

A salary payslip is a statement of your monthly income, which is issued to you by the government. It is a detailed report of your monthly wage or pension which includes the details of tax, insurance, and other deductions along with income.

What if I do not receive the salary slip?

In this case, you first wait for some time. But if you do not get your salary slip, then contact PIFRA directly via telephone that we have provided above or you can email them on [email protected]

Can I change my Email ID?

Yes, you can change your email ID. But for that, you will have to contact PIFRA on the phone number or you have to email them.