Pifra DDO Budget Expenditure 2021

Pifra stands for Project To Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing in Pakistan. It is a Government institute for auditing. The major aim of this project is to enhance the financial and auditing system. Pefra is completely computerized for convenience. Pifra ddo Budget and Pifra DDO budget expenditure is also the major part of this project.

Pefra DDO Budget Expenditure

Pifra ddo budget expenditure stands for drawing and disbursing officer. It is Pifra’s online budget for convenience by the Government of Pakistan. This program basically enhances and improves the auditing system of our country when needed. The administration of Pakistan has declared that this budget completion cost Rs 5533 million.

Pifra ddo or ddo ber makes an easy platform for checking your stipends. This budget discloses all allowances for government employees like the army, teachers, doctors, engineers, and other government employees. There you can easily check your Pifra monthly expenditure online and easily.

Benefits of Pifra DDO Budget Exp

Benefits of Pifra DDO Budget Exp

Pefra is not only facilitating its budget. Besides that, you can also get a digital payslip. Now gov. employees can check their play slip directly through email.

For this purpose, you just need to register yourself with a few simple steps.

Documents required for this purpose are

  • ID Card
  • Email Address
  • Employee Number
  • Phone Number

The major benefits of Pifra ddo Budget Exp are listed below

  • Home Rent Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Special Allowance

Home Rent Allowance/DDO Allowance

Paying home rent nowadays is very difficult. Now the gov. employee has a big opportunity for paying their home rent. They can pay for their home rent for free. As it is the responsibility of gov. to pay for their dues. For rent expenses, you can claim on Pifra at the end of the year.

Medical Allowance

In case if any its gov. employee has some health issues or suffering from any disease. The government of Pakistan has assured its employees regarding their health allowance. All his employees with and kind of disease, medical allowance is provided. They can get a free medical allowance of Rs 1,250 per month to Rs 15,000 per year.

Travel Allowance

No legal minimum distance is measured from the workplace to the residential place. Pifra DDO Budget Expenditure provides an advantage to its gov. employees during their travel also. No suitable distance is measured for travel. Within local cities, gov. can bear your travel expenses. One can easily get benefits, as it can be paid by the Government of Pakistan.

Features of Pifra Budget Monthly Expenditure

Some of the features pf the Pifra Budget are listed below.

  • Get Updates of the Budget
  • Get all the latest list of expenses values
  • Check you monthly allowances
  • Get information about your annual tax values
  • Get Your salary slip online

If you want to avail of all such benefits, then go and register yourself at Pifra and get benefits. As described earlier, you can get your payslip online. This is a huge initiative by the government of Pakistan.

You can check other details on our website. Just explore our website and get the latest information.


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